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Fungal Biodiversity

A concise overview of the biodiversity of fungi with focus on systematics and general ecology of fungi, soil mycology, and diagnostics of plant pathogens. Visual and molecular recognition methods will be discussed and hands-on training on the morphological recognition and cultivation of fungi be provided. Includes cultivation methods, phylogenetic relationships, up-to-date taxonomy, important aspects of fungal biology (i.a., life-cycles, pathogenicity, applications).

Training Details

Organizer(s)Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (KNAW-WI), Utrecht, the Netherlands
Person ResponsibleGerard Verkleij ( )
Type of TrainingOn-site training, with lectures by specialists and examination of selected cultures (practical work).
Duration1 week
More Information and Access (this is only for announcement and links to register, currently it is not listed there as no course is scheduled yet, pending the corona-crisis)