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Food and Indoor Mycology course

Detection and identification of food- and indoor fungi including the most recent developments. Hands-on training on phenotyp-based identification on more than 50 examples of relevant fungi and yeasts. Generation of high quality sequence data from a culture (theoretical) and a hands-on training in DNA based identification, sequence data interpretation and analysis. Lectures include: Fungi and living crops, Spoilage of processed food, Fungi and mycotoxins, Fungal indoor growth and health aspects, The fungal spore in food mycology, Next generation sequencing for food quality and safety, Fungal phylogeny, MALDI-TOF and other proteomics approaches, Bioinformatics.

Training Details

Organizer(s)Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute (KNAW-WI), Utrecht, the Netherlands
Person ResponsibleJos Houbraken ( )
Type of TrainingOn-site training, with lectures by specialists and examination of selected cultures (practical work).
Duration1 week
More Information and Access At the moment, there is no course for 2021 scheduled yet due the ongoing corona-crisis