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MIRRI brings Training and Education (T&E) to the core of its activities, aiming at facilitating the access to T&E towards different users – e.g., scientists, collaborators of mBRCs and culture collections, entrepreneurs/industrials, high-school teachers, journalists and science communication professionals, policy makers, etc. –, thus contributing to the capacity building within the bioscience and the bioindustry communities, as well as the society. MIRRI will endeavour to fill identified, demand-driven T&E gaps, as well as developing and designing new, effective tools to deliver T&E.

This year, a call will be launched for the “European Advance Studies Course on Microbial Resources Centre (EuroMiRC)”. This one-semester (30 ECTS) course will start in September and the student’s fees will be supported by the Horizon 2020 IS_MIRRI21 project.
The vast expertise of MIRRI’s partner organisations in various services, research areas and types of holdings are already on the basis of high-quality T&E courses they deliver.