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How to access

General description of access/provision conditions

MIRRI’s digital material targeted to broad audience and the catalogue of microbial resources is to be freely accessible and searchable online, therefore open to any interested user.

Access to MIRRI microbial resources and services is to be restricted to users from academia, business, industry, and public service recognized institutions, and requires registration in the platform and/or application for requesting access.

Three main types of access can be distinguished: Physical, Remote and Virtual. Physical and Remote access follow the principles of the “European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures”, and offer new opportunities to users by providing qualified personnel and dedicated equipment.

Depending on the purpose of the access, four different access modes are to be available: Excellence-driven, Market-driven, Technical need-driven, and Wide.

MIRRI is engaged to provide as much as open and free access as (financially) possible, especially for Member and Observer countries.

However, for sustainability reasons, free-open access will not always be implemented, in which case user fees may apply, especially for users from countries that are not contributing Members or for those following a market-driven mode of access.

Specific offers and conditions are to be made available, at defined time periods, under the so-called TransNational Access (TNA) calls. We invite you to check the TNA page for more information.
For more detailed information about access modalities and conditions, please consult MIRRI’s Access Policy available at Legal & Regulatory section and/or contact us at

Requesting access to MIRRI resources and services

To request access to microbial resources and services provided by MIRRI, as listed on the respective catalogues, or for any related queries, please contact us at